Why Online Schooling Has A Negative Impact On A Child’s Education

How online schooling can have negative effects on teens

More schools across the world have decided to transition to online learning due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Right now, online schooling is mandatory for many students in order to keep them safe. Nevertheless, there will come a time when parents can choose what works best for their children. While online schooling has provided extra peace of mind, it comes with many drawbacks, including less engaged children.

Is online schooling a good option for your children? Or, would they be better served by attending their local school in person?

Pros Of Online Schools

With the ongoing pandemic and the need to socially distance, online schooling offers immense benefits. The most glaring benefits are the fact that online schooling is safer than attending a class in person. The student can complete their courses online while greatly reducing the risk of catching the coronavirus. In addition to this, they can take advantage of multimedia presentations and self-direction.

In most cases, the student can complete their courses on their schedule. Finally, there is no commute allowing the family to save money and eliminate the risks involved with driving a vehicle. Ultimately, online schooling is beneficial right now, but parents need to weigh the pros and cons to find out what is best for their children after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

Online Schooling Cons

Attending an online school has pros and cons. It is pertinent for parents and students to weigh the pros and cons so they can find out what works best for them. The cons of online schools will be explored in more depth below.

Reduced Instructor Interaction

Unfortunately, some students need additional attention. If they don’t get that attention, they’re going to start falling behind and it’ll quickly escalate. Without one-on-one attention, the student’s ability to learn and thrive will be hindered. One way to offset this problem is by working with a tutor. With a tutor’s help, the student can receive the one-on-one attention they need to excel.


Going to a physical school offers versatile benefits. One thing to note is that going to school gives students the chance to learn how to socialize with their peers as well as adults. Learning to socialize is an important aspect of succeeding as an adult. If someone can’t socialize with others, they’ll never thrive in society. Without going to a physical school, young kids may not obtain enough socialization to develop this essential life skill.

Lack Of School Environment

There is something unique about going to a school and receiving an education. While students can get an education online, they won’t receive an authentic schooling experience. When entering the school, the mood will be set for the student. They’ll know they’re there to learn and listen to their teachers and principal. The school environment helps prepare the student for a future career since schools are similar to offices and other workplaces.

Being in a structured environment will make a big difference and that isn’t available when taking classes online.

Stigma & Credits

Although online schooling is becoming more accepted, it isn’t right now. There is a misconception that online schooling is easier than others. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but some employers don’t believe it. Some employers do not take degrees obtained online as seriously as they would conventional degrees. In addition to this, there is a risk that it’ll be difficult to transfer the online credits to a traditional school.

Thankfully, this is changing quickly. Nevertheless, there is still a stigma regarding online schools and students who take this unique approach.

Financial Assistance

At some point, the student is going to move to a form of higher education. Many students will rely on financial assistance when going to college. Unfortunately, financial assistance might not be available with all online schools. This will make it difficult to obtain the money needed to attend the classes in question.

The Best Of Both Worlds?

At the end of the day, online schooling offers numerous benefits over conventional schools, but it isn’t perfect either. Students who attend conventional classes will be able to obtain one-on-one assistance easier than online students. Conventional and online students can benefit greatly from working with a tutor. If you decide that online schooling is right for your child, it is wise to hire a tutor to work closely with them.

No Hands-On Education

One of the biggest perks of brick-and-mortar school is a hands-on experience. What exactly is the hands-on experience? A hands-on experience is one that allows participants to be involved in various activities. In this case, hands-on experience could be participating in group activities, such as scientific laboratory testing, team academic project, verbal problem-solving, and classmate engagement.

Virtual schools cannot possibly offer the same level of hands-on experience as land-based educational institutions. Some educators believe hands-on activities play a major role in education. Students of all ages enjoy participating in classroom activities, which are not available with virtual learning.

No Extracurricular Activity Involvement

Virtual learning does not offer students extracurricular activity involvement. These opportunities are extremely important to students of all ages. School extracurricular activities range from sports, clubs, chorus, academic competitions, cheerleading, performing arts, theater, dance, volunteering, and activism.

Extracurricular activities are scheduled after school and on weekends. Academic extracurricular history can also be helpful to high school graduates when applying to prominent universities and colleges. Of course, the type of activity is more important than the activity itself. This basically means some academic extracurricular activities are more valuable to college applicants than others. For example, honor society involvement is viewed as a rigorous extracurricular while yoga is viewed as a minuscule extracurricular.

Whatever is the case may be, extracurricular activities can help students form relationships, excel academically, and sail through college admission.

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